Different Standards For The Police


Recently I was given a fixed penalty because when I pulled away from a set of traffic lights I let the clutch out too quick and my motorbike front wheel came off the ground by about 1 to 2 feet. I lowered the throttle and put it back down straight away. Police saw and issued a ticket to me.

However, when I surrendered my licence I noticed that the Officer had not put any of his details on the FPN.

I questioned the tickets validity and received a phone call today from the processing department telling me that it still stands.

Is this FPN valid?

As a consumer, if I make a mistake on any forms I fill in then I am still to blame for not reading the requested info properly. Does this not account for the police also.

Rob Says:

The ticket is not the officer’s evidence it is simply an offer to avoid court proceedings. If you reject the ticket you will get summonsed to court and then the magistrates will decide whether or not you committed an offence.

If they decide that you did commit the alleged offence you will get higher fines and court costs for challenging the matter. If you accept that you did the wheelie then take the ticket.

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