Documents Went To The Wrong Address


Hi. I had undertaken an insurance policy. The insurance company sent all correspondence to a different address than my home one, ten doors down, which was then returned to the insurers. They issued a cancellation document to this address which I obviously never received.

After three days of my policy being cancelled I was stopped and charged with no third party insurance.

Many thanks

Paula Says:

Thank you for your question.

I assume that they only cancelled because they did not get the signed papers back – rather than because you didn’t pay a direct debit etc.?

You will have to be careful with this one. The court may feel that you should have chased the documents and made sure that all was in order.

On the face of it you have a special reasons argument to avoid the points if you can show that you were driving under the genuine misapprehension that you were insured. It would help if you had paid the premium all in one go at the start?

Tell me more about what actually happened. Have you got any points already? Are you a new driver?

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