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Firstly thank you for taking the time to read this. I was recently stopped in a road side police check using the ANPR system. I spoke to the police traffic officer on the roadside and made a full disclosure to him that I had no licence or valid insurance. My car was seized for not having valid insurance.

I was given a notice that I would be summoned to court for both offenses.

A few weeks later I was sent some forms regarding the matter and I chose the option of sending my guilty plea by post and not attending court in person. My court case was heard on Friday x.

I now remember that I was supposed to fill in part of the form with my mitigation and also my current financial circumstances, I assume this was to determine a fine, however whilst I was completing the form I wasn’t fully certain of my family income (In/Out goings) so I left that part until I had discussed it with my wife.

I then stupidly forgot to fill in that information and sent the form to the court without it. I have only just realized my mistake! I have just contacted the court to explain this and find out the outcome of my case however I was informed that they could not discuss this information regarding not completing my financial situation and that it is too early to find out the outcome of the case.

So my question(s) are- What is the penalty for no licence or insurance (will it include a ban) and also will not providing my financial information increase any fine I may receive? I’m so sorry this is so long winded! I hope I have given you enough information though? Thanks in advance!

Kind regards

Paula Says:

The fact that you have failed to tell them about your circumstances may mean that the fine and court costs will be higher. The court will take into account your disposable income when figuring out the amount that you should be fined. The more you have the higher the fine and vice versa.

The courts deal with lots of road traffic cases and it takes them a while to process the results and notify people. You are looking at 6-8 points or a discretionary ban and a fine and court costs.

If the court is thinking of banning you they will call you in rather than deal with the case in your absence. You can ask for the fine to be reviewed if its imposed without taking account of your means.

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