I Have Done The Driver Improvement Course Before


Hi, I was wondering what the likely outcome will be in my situation, I think the situation is dubious in outcome due to the fact I have crashed before without paying attention and and caused on third party damage however, they sent me on the driver improvement course.

Yet a year down the line I crashed again causing a small amount of third party damage (back bumper damage, causing whiplash, to another) I was just wondering if disqualification is a possibility, likely, or certain how many points etc?

 Emma Says:

You will, be at risk of 3-9 points or a ban. The sentence will depend on how serious the incident was. Can you describe in more detail what actually happened?

Was it simply a rear shunt? How many other cars were involved?

Have you been warned by the police that you are going to be prosecuted or have you actually received a court summons in the post?

Have you got any other penalty points on your licence already or are you a new drive? Tell me more.


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