Course or Court?


My daughter was involved in a car accident last week, she was pulling out of a lane onto an A road with a 30 mph limit and was struck at high speed by a vehicle on the A road.

The front of her car from the windscreen forwards is now just a mangled mess of metal, the driver went on to knock down 3 concrete bollards and came to a stop 74 metres from the point of impact with my daughter.

My daughter escaped with cuts and bruises and neck and back pain. Police are looking to offer my daughter and the other driver an improve your driving course – I’m worried the other driver may be able to claim on my daughters insurance – she is only 19 and won’t be able to fund purchase of a new car and higher insurance premiums.

We have photos and have taken data from the scene and we have a witness who has agreed to testify the other driver was exceeding the speed limit. Can we fight this?

Emma Says:

She is probably best off taking the course. Its not the same as being found guilty and her insurance company will still be able to argue over liability if they feel it was not her fault.

If she pulled out onto the carriageway and the other driver had right of way she may well struggle to defend the allegation unless she can give compelling evidence that he was going so fast it was not in any way her fault.

Its a gamble. If she loses at court she will get points and fines. If she takes the course she wont get any points or fines…

If she wants to defend it and wants my help then come back to me.

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