Neighbour Has Complained – Careless Driving


I have received a notice of intended prosecution for careless or inconsiderate driving from West Mercia Police.

The notice is both detail and vague in that it says 17.25 x/x but justs says A38.

Presently it is just asking for name and address of driver. As I am the person who drives the car I guess I fill in the form and return it. But I have no idea of what they are alleging.

I spoke to the police and they say they have to investigate complaint from member of the public.

The A38 is the main road close to my house so I do use it. Though coming home from work I pick the children up from school on other side of Bromsgrove so don’t tend to use it.

Emma Says:

Could you scan me a copy of the notice so I can have a look. Its very odd.

You still need to name the driver if you know that it could only have been you driving on that date but you may have a defence to the allegation on the basis that the notice is defective. 

If there was an accident or damage was caused there is no requirement for a NIP so we will have to be careful with this matter. Do you know exactly what it is they are alleging?

If you would like my help with this matter I will be happy to assist. you are going to be at risk of 3-9 points if you get a summons to court. Its important that you find out exactly what they are saying as soon as possible.

I am very good at dissuading the police from taking further action so come back to me if I can help further.

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