Don’t I Get To See The Evidence First!?


Failing to name the driver – have requested photo evidence and calibration certificate, the police responded to the calibration issue by saying they didn’t need one under the code of practise, however didn’t address the photo evidence, as they told me I was speeding between two points a mile and a half apart I wanted to see where etc, should they have produced the photo evidence for me before issuing the summons?

Dominic Says:

I’m afraid that you do not have a right to see any of the evidence (apart from the photo if you are having trouble identifying the driver) until after you have rejected the ticket and asked for court proceedings.

If you didn’t accept the speeding allegation you should have admitted being the driver (this is not the same as admitting the speeding offence itself) and then tried to challenge the speeding matter by asking for a court hearing.

You are now at risk of 6 points and a hefty fine I’m afraid. Have you got any points already? You don’t have a defence to this matter unless you were unable to figure out who was driving and you did your best. Tell me more? If you were unable to name the driver then I may be able to get the proceedings within.

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