I Was In A Meeting At The Time My Car Was Speeding?


Hi my name is x I received a speeding ticket last year, at the time I was in a patient review meeting as I am a community nurse with a doctor a patient and his mother. I explained this but I was fined £785 and given 6 penalty points for not identifying who was driving.

I appealed but had to appeal to the crown court as I was out of time. The doctor has now written a letter to say I was in the meeting at the time and I also have paper work but this is private client information what are my chances of getting off at the crown court or should I just give up and just say it was me??

Dominic Says:

The prosecution have to prove that you car was in the location of the alleged offence at the time of the alleged offence before the burden falls on you to explain why you failed to name the driver. If you have evidence from a doctor that you could not have been in that place at that time then you have a good chance of defending this matter.

If you would like help with your appeal then come back to me and I will be happy to assist. I defend over 95% of these allegations. I may be able to persuade the prosecution not to oppose the appeal. If we win you would get at least some of your fees back.

Come back to me if I can assist further. If you to be aware that if you lose your appeal you could face further court costs. Its too l;ate to just admit it was you. the issue of the speeding offence is neither here nor there anymore. The issue here is whether or not you had a good reason for not being able to name the driver.

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