NIP Sent But Wrong Name On It


I have received a NIP then when I opened it, realised that I was not the intended recipient. It was addressed to Mr Edwerd, at my address. There is no Mr Edwerd living at our address.
I have returned it to x Police advising them of this. My name is Mr Edward…..

(Names changed for confidentiality reasons..)

Rob Says:

I assume that the car referred to in the NIP belongs to you and you are the registered keeper?

We both know that this is a typing mistake. The police have to send the NIP within 14 days to the registered keeper of the car – I hope you waited until the 14 days had expired before sending back the NIP pointing out that there is no one of that name at your address?

You have to be careful with this one. If the mistake is on the DVLA’s part (so they have got the wrong name on the v5 document) then the police will be able to argue that they did send the NIP to the registered keeper within 14 days and you will have to defend an allegation of failing to name the driver on the basis that you were never asked – Mr Edwerd was!

If it was a mistake on the part of the police then you will be able to argue that the NIP is defective on the basis that it was not sent to the name and address of the last known registered keeper.

Be careful. A defective NIP is not a defence to failing to name the driver – but I take your point. You just don’t want to get 6 points when you could have just got three.

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