No Drink Drive Awareness Course


It seems to me that the sentences handed down by Courts are inconsistent. I was given a 2 year ban, reading of 113mg (which I know is very high) first time offence and no other criminal convictions but was refused the opportunity to do the rehabilitation drink drive awareness course.

I feel that equal rights have been breached; surely this course is beneficial in raising awareness to EVERYONE and should be available to all.

I’m totally remorseful for what I done, I made a GRAVE mistake but fortunately no one was hurt. Surely anyone caught for the first time on their first offence should be given the opportunity of this course.

Can there be a challenge lodged against sentences, should they not all be consistent. Seems to me the rich folks get the lesser sentences!

Dominic Says:

It’s extremely rare for them not to offer the drink drive awareness course and they have to have a good reason for not doing so.

Your solicitor should have advised in relation to appealing the sentence. Were you represented?

Did the court tell you why you were not offered the course. You can appeal the sentence within 21 days of it being imposed – but tell me more.

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