Shortness Of Distance Argument


Firstly I would like to say your web site is great and it’s good to see that your making a challenge against the extraordinary erosion of one of the few civil liberties I never thought would be attempted by even the most vile of British governments that of the right to a qualified legal defense.

My story is this I’ve started the proceedings to try and avoid disqualification on the bases of shortness of distance. I have spoken briefly to a solicitor who has told me that my case does fit the seven set criteria that allow me to be considered for such a hearing however it does not look as though I will qualify for legal aid.

I might be able to get the money together so as I can have a solicitor for just the hearing but even this will be difficult so I may have to represent my self.

My question is this is there any where that I can get any advice on proceedings and questions that I need to ask or points I need to get across etc… or how would you feel the best way for me to proceed is.

Dominic Says:

Thank you for your kind comments about our website. We always appreciate feedback.

It is unlikely that you would get legal aid for this type of offence. What was the alcohol reading?

Have you got any previous convictions of a similar nature?

I would charge a fixed fee to deal with this matter for you ( see our fees here ). This would include your representation at court for the final hearing and special reasons argument.

You would be represented by a Barrister from my expert panel.

Come back to me if you would like my help with this matter. Alternative we could fully prepare you and make the application in writing for a fixed fee.

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