Drink Driving, The Court Has Lost My File!


Had license since 17 yrs old, am 30 this year, have clean license and no points to date. Showed 55 on reading of using car for a 4 minute drive to shop.

Attended court to be told they don’t know where my file is and that I must attend?? What are my rights and what do you think outcome of my drink driving case will be? What if they can’t find my file again??

Dominic Says:

If the prosecution have lost there file then you maybe in luck – but they won’t have. They will find it for the next hearing and you will have to decide whether to plead guilty or not guilty.

If you plead guilty you will get a minimum 12 month drink driving ban unless you can show the court that there were special reasons as to why you were driving.

There is a special reasons argument based on the shortness of distance driven but it has to be a matter of yards rather than miles.

You will get a fine and court costs on top of the ban.

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