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I was arrested for drink driving and recorded 49 for the first breathlizer and 50 for the second.

The policeman said I can have a blood test or a urine test. I asked what difference would it make? He said he couldn’t answer the question I am scared of needles which I informed the officer and said I but don’t mind doing a urine sample.

He said he chose which I had and that his decision was for me to have a blood test.

I explained about my needle phobia

I am 18 I don’t normally drink at all and only consumed 1 can of Heineken at a friends birthday party which is extremely rare. I cannot understand why I was over.

I have been suffering from heartburn and indigestion due to the “maximuscle” mixture I have been taking as part of an intensive gym work I have been doing. I don’t know if that has played apart in my digestion, but I am confused and baffled as to why I would be over the limit with 1 can of Heineken.

I would like some advice as how to proceed?

Am I eligible for legal aid? Will it affect my A levels as I am due to take my final exams in a few weeks and will attend Birmingham university in September. I am very worried as to the consequences and possible criminal record.

Dominic Says:

I don’t deal with legal aid matters. I only represent people on a private basis.

You maybe able to get legal aid for this matter but you would need to talk to a local legal aid solicitor in that regard. They may be able to help.

You may have an argument in relation to the officer insisting on a blood sample when you have a phobias of needles, did he let you give urine instead?

I don’t understand the reading either. You would have to get a pharmacology’s to do a report which would probably cost you around £800-1000 so if you can get legal aid that would be good.

It’s difficult because you are not suggesting that you consumed alcohol unknowingly so I can’t see where the extra alcohol could have come from other than you drank more than you say and that is probably the conclusion that the court will reach. Is there a chance that your alcohol could have been laced with a spirit by your friends playing a joke?

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