Drink Driving And Leaving The Scene Of An Accident


Leaving the scene of the accident and Drink Driving

I had an accident I hit the car in front of me, I left the scene as I felt threatened by other driver I panicked. There was a lot of witnesses. I drank half a bottle of wine when I got in – 30 mins later the police got in my property and did a breath test it was 53 the police saw me drinking out of the bottle of wine.

I was arrested for drink driving and taken to police station. Held for approx 4 hrs then interviewed, gave statement then released on bail – to return within 4 wks – I answered bail and was told to come back 2 wks later as still getting statements etc, been back again 6 weeks later from accident date and told to return in a month?? What is happening?

Dominic Says:

You have a defence if you can convince the court that you drank the alcohol in question after you had driven and that you were not over the limit whilst you were driving. You will have to get a back calculation report done to make this argument if you are charged.

The police are probably in the process of getting their own back calculation report done based on what you said you had drunk or what they say they saw you drink after the alleged offence.

These reports take a while. They are probably preparing themselves to charge you and be in a position to challenge your argument if you try ago defend it at court.

Are you represented in this matter? You are at risk of a hefty ban and the fact that you left the scene will not help your credibility – the prosecution will suggest that you were over the limit at the time of the crash and that that is why you left the scene.

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