Theft Of A Vehicle And Drink Driving


Drink driving & taking vehicle without permission

Your road traffic offence question: Friday night l took my friends vehicle without permission whilst under the influence of alcohol. Crashed the car called the police was arrested. I have to appear a Leeds court on x Nov and will be charged with drink driving and theft of vehicle.

Am l banned from driving straight away or from when l get sentenced?

Can l not have my court case heard in Stevenage where l live?

How do l ask for legal aid. I have pleaded guilty.

Dominic Says:

I’m afraid you cannot change the venue of the court hearing. You have to be dealt with in the area where the alleged offence occurred.

The sentence will depend on the breath reading and whether or not you have committed any similar offences in the past.

You wont be banned at the moment – unless its a condition of your bail that you are not allowed to driver whilst on bail?

If you want legal aid you need to approach a local solicitor that deals with criminal law and ask them to apply for you. You need to pass an interests of justice test and a mean test to make sure you are eligible.

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