Drink Driving And Totting Ban At The Same Time?


12 points + drink drive

My son has 9 points on his licence the other night he had 3 cans of lager in the house then realised his car was on the road, so he went out to put it in the garage, while he was doing this the police came up to him and asked if he knew one of his lights was not working, my son replied no he didn’t.

They asked him if he had been drinking and he stated he had 3 cans, they ask him to take a breathalyser, which he did and they informed him he was over the limit and would get 3 points and a ban. These 3 points will take him to 12 points, will he get 2 bans, one for 12 points and one for DUI.

Dominic Says:

Your son won’t get three points and a ban. The defective light offence and the drink driving offence occurred on the same occasion – so he will be at risk of a ban for the drink driving offence – but not points as well.

Your son maybe able to avoid the drink driving ban if he can show that he only drove a very short distance and there was little chance of him causing a danger to other road users.

Your son will need expert help to make this special reasons argument.

Come back to me if you would like my help with this matter and I will be happy to assist further. Tell me why it is important for your son to avoid a ban. Does he need to be able to drive for his job?

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