The Other Driver Was Going Too Fast


I pulled across the opposite lane to turn into a junction and was hit by the driver coming in the other direction.
I believe the other driver was speeding and I said that to the police at the scene.

They said to me that if I’m found guilty, will I be willing to take part in a course and avoid courts. I said “yes” but that doesn’t mean I admitted liability? Although the police say that I did.

They sent me the forms to do the course but I didn’t receive any of them because I was evicted. I would have done the course just to get it over with but I missed that opportunity.

Now I am in court and could face disqualification and fines and it shouldn’t have gone this far.

Any advise you could offer me would be much appreciated?

Many Thanks

Emma Says:

Why are you facing a ban? Have you got any points already? If so, how many?

It maybe possible to persuade the cps to withdraw the proceedings and let you do the driver improvement course. We have had lots of success in that regard even after proceedings have commenced.

You face 3-9 points for this offence. You will have a potential defence if you can show that the accident happened because the other driver was going too fast rather than you failed to observe properly.

If you would like my help with this matter come back to me and I will be happy to assist further.

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