Driver Improvement Course – Due Care Driving Offences


If you have the option of taking a driver improvement course does that have to be taken in the same county where the alleged offence took place ??

For example if the offence took place in the north west but you reside in the north east could you opt for a location closer to yourself?

If you are prosecuted do you have to turn up to court in person or can you plead guilty without being there ??

Finally my mot expired earlier this week unfortunately I had an accident. I was informed by the police about my mot which was an oversight it looks likely my car will be a total loss will my insurance still pay out ? I have documentation to show I’d had the car serviced within the last few weeks.

I am concerned about the mot which was an oversight it’s only expired a few days ago, the police gave me fixed penalty for lack of mot.

Emma Says:

The driver improvement course is at the discretion of the police if you can persuade them to let you take it in a different county then it will be fine but that will be entirely up to the officer in the case and if they refuse then you have to do it in the area they require you to do it in otherwise you may get summonsed for the offence.

You don’t have a right to choose.

If you are prosecuted for driving without due care and attention then you can normally plead guilty by post, unless the offence is really serious and the court are considering banning you from driving. In which case they will adjourn the case for you to attend.

They are not allowed to disqualify you from driving in your absence unless they are convinced you know about the court proceedings.

You will have to take up the issue of the MOT lapse with the insurance company but there is a chance they wont pay up. This is not my area of expertise.

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