I Have Lost My Job


I was inform by my company an incident occurred on the motorway between my truck and a car 10 days or so after the event of which a driver had said that I had cut them up.

The police interviewed me and I had no knowledge of this matter yet I was banned from a company that we sub contract to and then lost my job of which I have done for just over 4 years yet I have no knowledge of this matter and there is no CCTV footage of this happening or proof of my guilt.

I have been given a driver alert course or face a intended prosecution so by the looks of it I have been found guilty no matter what. Is this right as I stand to may lose my house and other thing on the hear say of someone who also whilst driving take photos of my truck please help

Emma Says:

I cannot advise in relation to the decision of your employers. You need to speak to an employment lawyer in that respect.

If you take the driver improvement course then you avoid the risk of prosecution for driving without due care and attention and therefore avoid the risk of points/ban and fines. If you do not accept that you committed the offence then you should reject the course and ask for a court hearing. You can then plead not guilty and try and cast a doubt on the prosecution evidence.

If you would like my help defending the allegation then come back to me. If you defend the allegation you may be able to persuade your employer to take you back.

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