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In February x I passed a mobile speed camera unit and subsequently received a penalty offer including 3 penalty points. I have read ‘the drivers survival handbook (8th edition x) by ex traffic Cop Martin Thwaite & after much background reading am thinking of pleading not guilty and defending the charge at magistrates court.

I think all road markings were correct and there was a 30mph sign visible prior to exiting the x onto the x roundabout but no new speed sign on x (A5080) for several hundred metres until the combined 30mph/ speed camera sign on LHS.

Is it worth going to court challenging the operator of the equipment to see if the required training has been done & documented along with asking for all annual test certificates and before and after tests etc etc for the day in question ?

Louise Says:

Is there a system of street lighting on the A5080? This would remove the need for signs. The signage rules are very complex.

You don’t get to see the officer’s evidence/calibration certificate until you commit to a court hearing and plead not guilty. At which point the fines and court costs start mounting up should you change your plea or lose at trial. 79% of people that plead not guilty to road traffic offences get convicted in the magistrates court.

You should only try and defend this if the signs issue is rock solid and you don’t accept that you were speeding. You then need to appreciate that there is a still a big risk.

I defend over 95% of the cases that I take on but in your case I don’t get to see and assess the evidence until we get to court.

I wonder how many cases PC Thwaite has actually defended?

If you want my help and you are up for a fight feel free to come back to me.

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