Driving And Shaving – A Close Shave


The following is a question that we have recently received about driving and shaving at the same time. Yes you read that right….driving and shaving at the same time…..read on;

I have searched the web and the only thing I can find is that the offence is drink/drug related!!!
 Truth is, I was shaving with a battery powered shaver… Not clever I know.
 But still the officer who pulled me over, well it was the uniform that stopped me from driving off.

He unlocked my driver’s door wrenched it open & all but dragged me from my car. After he said what I was doing was unacceptable, I pointed out that he’s aggression was unacceptable too.

He claimed he had to be so aggressive for people like me who were a danger to his family.
 Every time I tried to speak he cut me off, shouting over me so when he did pause expecting an answer I did not answer right away but stood there looking at him. When he prompted me I answered & thanked him for allowing me to finish.

Now I was expecting him to lecture me & I would have stood & taken it but I towered over him by at least a foot. I asked him if I could ask a simple question.

He ignored me & got the FPN books & spent minutes looking for an offence to charge me with.
 Now I have been advised by another policeman that I should put in a complaint about his behaviour as road-rage nicking is not the way to do it.

My Question!!!

I am a professional driver at the present time driving coaches while looking for full time LGV1 so not really worrying about fines although that would hurt but not wanting any points put on my now clean again licence, that would not be so helpful in me landing another job.

I have been advised by the same copper-friend that if I did take this to court they would “Throw the book at me”
 Having re-read this I feel I may be wasting your time??

Emma Says:

I’m afraid I agree with your “copper friend” If you take it to court you put yourself at much higher risk in relation to fines and court costs and also even the possibility of a discretionary driving ban if the magistrates are really annoyed by it.

The offence is contained within r.104 Road Vehicles Constructions and Use Regulations 1986 and is nothing to do with drink driving.

If you accept that you were shaving whilst driving then I think you should take it on your (very smooth) chin, pardon the pun….

Feel free to write in with your views, but we think the questioner figured it out for himself in the end!!

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