Officer Was Having A Bad Day!


This morning I was forced to swerve across some chevrons to avoid a collision for a driver who was not paying attention. In doing so I had to make a number of evasive actions to prevent myself hitting nearly 5 other cars. A police car was entering the road which I did not see but who proceeded to pull me over in a very unsafe way.

The driver of the police car the tried to intimidate me when I was asked to sit in the back of the police car. On 3 occasions I had to say to him I did not want an argument.

I signed no paper work and when I asked what happens next I was told I would receive a summons go to court and lose my licence. I made 6 calls to the police to clarify what I was being summoned for and eventually found out the officer was submitting a request to the court for a summons to prosecute me for driving with undue care and attention.

I was not given the chance to speak properly at the scene, was shown a video which didn’t show the reason I had to swerve. This seems like I have met a police officer who wants to take his bad day out on me. What do I do?

Emma Says:

I have dealt with many similar cases (and officers!) where they have only seen the tail end of events and have jumped to conclusions as to the cause.

You will get a summons within the next 6 months (probably within 2) and you will be at risk of 3-9 points in convicted plus fines and court costs.

If you would like me to get involved at this stage to try and dissuade the police from taking further action then come back to me. I maybe able to persuade the officer in the case that they do not have a reasonable prospect of convicting you.

We have a 92% success rate in avoiding prosecution in similar cases.

Come back to me if I can assist further. I would charge a fixed price for this. (see our fees here).

If you want to wait for the court summons then come back to me when you get it and I will look at the evidence for free. Have you got any points already? If so how many?

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