Driving No Insurance


Driving without insurance

I was confused about whether my ex-partner was still paying the premium. I was stopped by police, the car was impounded. I have now secured insurance myself and await contact about the charges relating to this matter.

I am a student x and single parent. I am very worried about my licence, my future job opportunities and the financial pressure I may face paying a hefty fine. Thank you

Paula Says:

You would normally get a fine of £600 ish and 6-8 penalty points on your licence for this offence. If you had good reason to think that your ex partner would be paying the premium then you may have a good special reasons argument which would help you to avoid a hefty fine and the points.

Can you tell me why you thought your ex was paying the premiums?

Are you a new driver? Have you got any penalty points on your licence already? If so, how many?

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