Driving Licence Wiped Clean?


Driving without insurance

Through research I have read that should a motorist get disqualified under the totting-up procedure this will result in a 6 month driving ban and after this period the licence is wiped clean.

Is this true?

If so, does this mean that any endorsements imposed do NOT have to be declared the insurance companies.

Please advise

Graham Says:

If you get a totting ban then the points for any offences that led to the totting ban are disregarded if you get any more points – therefore the previous points do not add up with any fresh points that you get. Your licence is not wiped clean. The endorsements are still there its just that the points do not count anymore.

You need to provide the insurance company with honest answers to their questions, because if you don’t you risk your insurance being invalidated.

Ask the insurance company for clarification if their questions are not clear.

Have you been accused of invalidating your insurance by not declaring points?

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