Insurance Cancelled Without Our Knowledge


Asking on behalf of a friend whose car was impounded for allegedly driving without insurance. She was unaware her insurance company had cancelled her policy (they had ceased using a 3rd party supplier) as they did not request her certificate back and have continued to take direct debit payments.

Does she have grounds to challenge IN10 on the grounds of ‘unknowingly driving without insurance’, and if so how should she do this. She has presented all required documents and recovered her car, set up new insurance, but has had to pay out £500, now concerned about possible points and fine. Please respond by email.

Paula Says:

Can you confirm that she paid for her insurance and that there was no problem with that side of things.

If so then she does have a good special reasons argument and I will be happy to help her further.

If we can convince the court that she was driving under the genuine misapprehension that she was insured then we will be able to avoid the points.

Come back to me if she would like my help with this matter and I will be happy to assist further.

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