Driving Alone On A Provisional


Driving with a provisional licence without a qualified driver in the vehicle

My wife was stopped on the x for police officers and unfortunately she was driving without a full drivers licence without a qualified driver in the vehicle with her. She did her practical test before now but was not successful and she could not repeat it due to time and her theory test was due to expire before the next available practical test date.

I presently have three kid age 5, 4 and 2 who will be resuming at different schools and different time in few weeks time and I was hoping that she gets her full licence before then since my present job dictates that I will not be available to take the kids to school as I used to.

My question is to know how serious is this offence and most importantly how does she avoid a serious fine and suspension of her provisional drivers licence to enable he undertake the necessary test for full driver licence.

Paula Says:

Your wife faces 6-8 points and a fine.

She will still be able to take her test and if she passes her full licence will have the points on it. She won’t be revoked because that only happens if she gets the points in the first two years after passing her test, but she will have to be really careful going forward in order to make sure that she does not get any more points in the first two years.

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