Driving Not In Accordance With Licence



This may sound a bit vague.

My brother was stopped by the police yesterday, no particular reason, but when they checked his details, he wasn’t registered with DVLA as having a valid UK licence.

He has admitted to me that he did get a twelve month ban about two years ago but he didn’t apply for his license back, he’s now been given a seven day ticket to produce his licence, any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Paula Says:

If he was ordered to take a retest when banned the first time around then he will be at risk of points for this offence. They may suggest that because he didn’t have a licence his insurance was invalidated as well.

This would put him at risk of 6-8 points and if the car belonged to someone other than your brother they could be accused of permitting him to drive without insurance which carries 6-8 points for them as well.

Your brother needs to come clean with the police – there is nothing else he can do.

If his licence was simply revoked due to failing to send it into the DVLA for an endorsement to be put on then he will simply be at risk of a fine for not driving in accordance with his licence.

Come back to me if you need any further help with this matter.

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