I Drove Without Insurance


Myself and my friend were going out & he did not plan to drink hence why he was driving. However, he did drink & was highly over the limit & as his friend that did not drink, he asked me to take his car home for him where he could be rest assured that his car would be safe.

As the distance was not far, I was stopped by police after about two to three minutes of driving to my destination of less than a mile away. I owned up to driving my friend’s car & not having any insurance. I produced my licence accordingly and the police escorted the car home whilst I walked to my house.

It has been four months since this happened and I am looking for some advice in regards to dealing with this matter, My court hearing is on the 31.3.x & therefore, I would appreciate a prompt response. Many Thanks

Paula Says:

I’m afraid that you will not have a defence if you accept that you didn’t have insurance at the time.

The only way you can defend the matter is if you were insured.

You won’t have a special reasons argument either because the court will probably take the view that you could have called cab.

You have good mitigation but that won’t affect the number of points that you get – you will definitely get at least 6 I’m afraid.

Have you got any penalty points already? If so, how many?

Tell me more. Would you like my help with this matter? How long have you been driving? If you have been driving less that 2 years your licence will be revoked. Has your friend been summonsed for permitting you to drive without insurance?

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