Entitlement Revoked


I was pulled over by a marked traffic officer for a random spot check. While being questioned one officer looked over the car. The car was insured and taxed in my name and I was the owner of the vehicle. When the officer radioed in to check my licence it came back mine had been revoked in x due to the DVLA not receiving paper work to issue me with points back in x.

My car was then impounded.

The next day I went to the DVLA and they explained that I would need to fill out a form and a new licence would be issued (without having to re-sit a test etc.).

I now wish to know how do I plead in this case as I thought I had a full UK licence.

Thanks in advance

Paula Says:

It’s harsh but unfortunately you do not have a defence. You have a full entitlement to drive so its not an endorsable offence, but the entitlement had been revoked temporarily because the DVLA were trying to get you to surrender your licence. If your entitlement has been revoked then you are guilty even if you don’t know that it has happened I’m afraid.

With a bit of persuasion it maybe possible to get the CPS to see that they was no criminality on your part and drop the matter, but you will do well to succeed. Come back to me if you would like my help with this matter if you get a summons.

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