No L Plates


Hi there, I was caught driving without ‘L’ plates, which I accept, when I was pulled over. However, the officer filled in a form which stated that I was also driving unsupervised which is false, I was being supervised by a driver who has held a full licence for over 10 years. Rather stupidly I did not check this, and signed it.

How do I challenge this unsupervised charge, and what penalties am I facing, really worried, hoping to take some driving lessons, and don’t want anything on my criminal record, I’m a medical student, and really don’t want this to hurt my chances.

Advice is much appreciated.

Paula Says:

The offence of driving not in accordance with a licence is the same irrespective of whether or not its just not having L plates or its about not having L plates and not being supervised. You will still get 3 points and a fine if you admit not having L plates – so the same penalty as if you were not supervised.

You will get summonsed to court and you can explain that you accept no L plates but that you dispute not being supervised. The court will probably accept this but it won’t make any difference to the sentence I’m afraid.