Exceptional Hardship Argument


I received a speeding ticket earlier in the year. I don’t dispute the speed 58 mph in a 40mph limit but they want me to attend court to potentially ban me.

I’m on 12 points previous but was not disqualified 16 months ago, however 6 of these points were added to my licence on the x so I assumed these would now be void? So why are they sending for me to attend x court on the x?

Graham Says:

Sorry no good news….Tell me the date of the speeding matter that you have just been summonsed for.

If the date of that offence was within three years of the date of the other offences already on your licence then you will be at risk of a totting ban again for 6 months.

You will only be able to avoid this if you defend the allegation or if you persuade the court to find exceptional hardship on different grounds to those that you used 16 months ago. You can only use the same grounds once within any three year period.

The court are very reluctant to accept an exceptional hardship argument and find exceptional hardship twice. What will be the effect of the ban if you get one?

Tell me more.

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