Will I Get The Speed Awareness Course?


I have received a NIP for being caught on speed camera doing 51mph in a temporary 40mph zone.

Instead of the £60.00 fine and three penalty points on my licence can I ask for a £90.00 and attend a speed awareness workshop without any penalty points on my licence.

I ask this because I already have 6 points for driving uninsured 2 years ago and 3 points for going through red lights 1 year ago. Who would I need to discuss this with to see if they will make this offer?

Graham Says:

I’m afraid that most police forces reserve the speed awareness course for the lower speed limits.

If the police were going to offer the course they would have offered at when sending out the ticket.

You can call the fixed penalty office or the safety camera partnership as they may be called and ask if its a possibility but the rules are strict and its at the discretion of the police.

In my opinion you are going to be summons so that the court can consider banning you from driving for the minimum 6 month period under the totting up rules.

Tell me what effect that will have on you. Do you need to be able to drive for your work?

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