Fail To Name Driver From 2006


Not supplying information from an NIP for speeding


Please could you advise on the following:

1) I received an NIP for a speeding ticket whilst driving a company vehicle in x, the company I was working for dispensed the wrong address and I never received the NIP, it going to an address I no longer lived at. The DVLA did have my correct address during this time.

2) Around x 2007, I found out the DVLA had suspended my license because I had not replied to the original NIP had been found guilty of not supplying information and endorsed 3 points; and as I had not submitted my license for endorsement, it had been suspended. This came to light as I had had a routine license check with the company I was working for and was the first I knew about it.

3) I submitted my license and received the endorsement and my license was reinstated.

4) I thought that the matter had ended there but in x 2010 I received a letter from Her Majesty’s court revenue service for recovery of a £400 fine relating to this. I did not know I owed this amount and as I had not received the original NIP, had not been able to defend myself in the first place.

5) What should I do? I have requested a court date to explain this, and have been granted one on the x 2010. How should I approach this?

Dominic Says:

You have a defence to this matter and I should be able to get this matter withdrawn for you without you having to go through a trial.

You have a defence under s.172 (7)(b). This is on the basis that you did not receive the request for information in the first place. If we get the matter withdrawn you will avoid any fines and court costs.

We need to get the case reopened and then made detailed representations to the crown prosecution service. You don’t have to worry about the penalty points anymore as they have been spent by the passage of time and are somewhat irrelevant now.

Come back to me and I will assist further.

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