Tell the truth – Perverting The Course Of Justice


Hi, I received a NIP for speeding. I was not in the vehicle at the time. I believe it was a mobile rear facing camera in a van where the camera captures the front of the offending vehicle. There are no fixed cameras at that location.

I made enquiries as to who the driver was and I was given a name of a foreign driver who was visiting at the time. I nominated this person on the reply form.

I did not give this person permission to drive my car and did not know he had taken the car until I made enquiries after getting the NIP.

The police have written to me offering to let me change the nominee driver or produce proof of insurance for the foreign driver.

I would like to repeat that I was not in the car at the time and did not know it had been taken.

What should I do and what is likely to be the response of the police? I am minded to tell them the driver did not have my permission but will the ask me to prove this? How do you prove a negative?


Dominic says:

The police don’t believe you and you are going to get a summons for failing to name the driver.

The police think that you are trying to avoid taking responsibility for the speeding matter and they hear these kinds of arguments all the time. They won’t believe that someone from abroad borrowed your car without your permission.

Have you got any penalty points already? If so, how many?

Tell me more. I win over 95% of these allegation but I will not mislead the court. Come back to me if you have told the truth and you would like my help.

You could get accused of perverting the course of justice if you don’t handle this matter with care.

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