Failing To Identify The Driver – I Did Write Back


I received a NIP in January ’10 for speeding (35 in a 30) in Aug ‘x. I drive a company car and they had problems finding my address (poor record keeping of car provider). I completed and signed this document and posted this 1st class. I then received a court summons for not providing driver details, which I did!

I’d like to ask the following questions – The summons has added ‘Thomas’ as a middle name and has an incorrect Date of Birth. Is it still valid?

– If they never received the signed NIP how do I plead on the summons as I don’t want to go to trial.

– How do I prove I sent the signed NIP?

Dominic Says:

We can probably get this matter withdrawn without the need for a trial. You should plead not guilty on the basis that you gave the information that was required of you. If you are of good character the court will give extra weight to your evidence.

We only have to cast a doubt on the suggestion that you didn’t in order to win.

If you were the person that had primary use of the vehicle in question then the issue on the summons are unlikely to help – because you are not disputing the identity of the person asked for the information.

Have you got any points already? If so, how many?

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