Two Of Us Potentially Driving


Hi. The works van that I was coming home from work in was caught speeding by a laser gun. I was one of two drivers allowed to drive the van, but, we do not know who was driving at the time as we took it in turns to drive but not uniformly.

We have asked for photographic evidence, but when that came it was non-conclusive as it only showed the rear and side of the van. Should either one of us admit to driving or risk us both being taken to court? Many thanks,

Dominic Says:

If you are not the registered keeper of the car then you are only under a duty to give information that is within your power to give and may lead to the identification of the driver. If you do this (even if you are unable to give a definitive answer then you should not be convicted of an offence of failing to name the driver – which carries 6 points.

How long did it take the police to get in touch with you about the alleged offence? The longer it took the more believable it is that you cannot remember.

You do both risk being taken to court – but I am very good at defending these allegations and I will be happy to help. I defend over 95% of the cases I take on and would expect to be able to get both cases withdrawn without the need for a trial – I succeed in doing this over 83% of the time.

I would look after you “two for the price of one” if you do get summonsed!

Make sure you keep a record of the efforts that you have made and that you both name each other as the potential driver. Have either of you got any points already on your licences?

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