I Feel Like A Criminal


I have been driving for 30 years with a totally clean driving licence, but have recently been issued with 2 Notice of Intended Prosecution documents within the space of one week, within the similar area, roads I have driven on many many times.

I am not driving any differently than I have always driven so these have come as a total shock. I don’t claim to be a perfect driver but I like to think I am a safe driver.

One event was allegedly caught by a Camera in a 30 mph zone, I was clocked at 39 mph, the second: I have absolutely no idea as there were no warning signs and no cameras that I know of, so I assume it was some unmarked vehicle, this was again a 30 mph zone this time I was clocked at 38 mph.

Again I don’t think I was driving dangerously, I would not have considered either to be a “built up” area, one had houses on both sides but on one side the houses were separated by a grassed area and a residential road, the second area had houses on one side of the road.

This is really worrying and dare I say causing sleepless nights, I was so proud of my clean driving record, now I am facing two counts of “speeding”, I feel like a complete criminal. What would you advice be and could you please give me an indication of what the punishment might be?

I really don’t want to be recorded as repeat offender as this is not my nature at all, I think 30 years should show that, but are the Police likely to take this into account? Am I likely to be offered the Speed Awareness Course rather than points on my licence?

Please advise, as I have absolutely no idea how to proceed as I have never been in this position before

Louise Says:

You will probably get offered the speed awareness course as an alternative to points for the 38 mph one.

I’m afraid the police do not have to put out warning signs regarding the speed trap. There are guidelines that suggest they should but there is no legal requirement for them to do so.

A 30 mph speed limit can be denoted by a system of street lighting and there does not need to be 30 roundels along the road.

If you accept that you were the driver you need to send back that information otherwise you risk 6 points for each offence. Hopefully you will get 3 points for one of them and the course for the other.

Try not to lose sleep. Lots of decent hard working people get caught for low level speeding – you are not a criminal.

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