Friend Misled Me Into Thinking I Was Insured


I was driving a car borrowed of a friend, the car was on an any driver policy, I got stopped by the police and was given a producer.

I produced at the station and the police officer said that it was fine, the insurance was valid, I then borrowed his other car, which I got stopped in again, this time the car was impounded, and I’m worried that he may have lied to me and that the car may have not been insured.

Although he did show me a cover note, saying that the car was on a any driver policy, if he does not produce I shall be summoned to court, therefore I wanted to know what would be my best defence, and would I be held liable?

Thank you

Paula Says:

Have you got any points already or are you a new driver?

You are under a duty to make sure that you have insurance when you drive a car but you have been misled into thinking that you were covered and it was reasonable for you to think that you were insured, then you maybe able to avoid penalty points.

The court would have to accept that you have special reasons for committing the offence.

You may have to witness summons him to court in order to show he misled you.

Keep me informed of developments and I will be happy to assist further.

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