Permitting Someone To Drive Without Insurance


I have been charged to court for allowing other persons to drive without insurance. The third party has driven the car without my permission and am not aware of the action until when I saw a letter asking me to produce within seven days.

I contested the allegation and gave the name of the driver and have now been charged for the offence. Case is slated for 17/06/x. Don’t know what to do…please help.

Paula Says:

You are at risk of 6-8 points and a hefty fine. What’s was the original offence? Did the person you name as the driver accept that they were driving at the time? Do they live abroad or in the UK?

Are you a new driver or do you have any points already?

If you deny giving this person permission then you will have a defence and I may be able to get the matter withdrawn without the need for a court hearing if what you have said is correct.

Tell me more about the circumstances. How did the person have your car if you did not give them permission? Who is the person that was driving. Were you asked to name the driver at the time. Did you name this person and were you then asked to prove that he was uninsured?

Tell me more and I will be able to help further.


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