Friend From Outside The UK Was Driving


On x my husband went out with is friend who lives outside the UK. The friend drove (without my permission) back home because my husband was not able to and he went over 20 miles speed limit at tower bridge.

I have sent his details but I am being asked by city of London police to send my insurance details. My insurance is comprehensive with myself and husband as permitted drivers. Please help. Thank you

Paula Says:

I’m afraid the police do not believe you.

They are always really suspicious when you nominate a driver that lives outside of the UK.

They are entitled to ask you to prove that this person was insured in their own right. Your insurance and your husbands insurance will not have covered him to drive your car I’m afraid. He needed to have his own insurance.

You can be prosecuted for permitting this person to drive without insurance if you are unable to prove that he was covered. Having said that you will have a potential defence if the police do not have any independent evidence that he was driving at the time and my view is that they still have to prove that he was uninsured in the first instance.

You will also have a defence if you can convince the court that you did not give permission.

Be careful because you do not want to provoke them into summonsing you for failing to name the driver which carries 6 points or for attempting to pervert the course of justice which would be far worse.

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