My Friend Said I Was Insured


Driving without licence and no insurance

Hi, I was referred by a friend to talk to you. I have this plea form and I don’t know what to or how to fill it in. I only got it on Wednesday when 2 policemen came to my house to serve me the summons since I changed my address. My court date is this tuesday x and I really have no time left since I have to send this form straight away.

I didn’t know about the insurance. I thought cars had to be insured so I asked my friend and it was insured. I didn’t check or ask anything else since he didn’t tell me additional information that I need to know. He has been charged and fine already so his case is closed.

And the licence, I don’t have a UK licence but I do have a home licence from my country in Asia so I thought it would be okay to just drive for a bit.

It was only for about 15 minutes or so. I knew how to drive so I wasn’t endangering anyone. I was just too eager and determined to learn the routes and because in UK, you drive on the left where as I’ve driven on the right side of the road only. I didn’t check that I couldn’t use my home licence.

I didn’t know it was going to be this serious or I would have never done it. I don’t even know law or politics about my own country so in another country, I’d be useless.

It was just that one off occasion where I just needed to know what it was like to drive on the left side of the road and just to learn a bit about the routes and roads.

I really don’t want to be guilty etc for something I didn’t know or fully understood although it may seem as an excuse or ignoring the law but I really didn’t mean or expect any of this. Do you think I could have someone to represent me in court and defend me to be not guilty. Would I have any chance at all? Please reply to me asap. Thank you very much.

Paula Says:

If your friend told you that you were insured this would have helped in your mitigation but would not have amounted to a defence.

I don’t think the court would have agreed that you had special reasons either because I don’t think they would have agreed that it was reasonable for you to think that you were covered,

Sorry. I hope the fine was not too painful.

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