Driving Unknowingly Without Insurance


Driving with no insurance

My partner has to appear in court on x for driving with no insurance. He wants to plead NOT GUILTY, as far as he was concerned, he still had insurance. The form has to be sent back a.s.a.p. but I’m wondering if he should have a solicitor.

I am his only witness other than our 4 year old daughter. He is not good at reading and writing and I deal with his paperwork but at no time did I personally see anything come from his insurers to say that it had been cancelled.

He is on Income support as well. In the police report sent to the court, the officer hasn’t mentioned that he was driving with me or our daughter as if he was on his own.

Help! What do I do?

Paula Says:

You have told me that your partner’s insurance failed because of a couple of missed direct debit payments.

I’m afraid that the court will not accept that this amounts to a special reasons argument. The court will perceive it to be his fault that he failed to keep on top on his direct debits.

Sorry I am unable to help you find a defence. This is a very black and white issue I’m afraid.

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