Friend Said I Was Insured


I was doing a favour for a friend, by giving him a lift. He told me the policy was covered for any driver to be insured. As I was in a rush, I did not think to check the paperwork, and trusted my friend. I was then pulled over and given 6 points and a fine.

I have had my licence under a year and if I get 6 points then I will have to do my test again. I have got a court date in June. What will happen, what should I do?

Do I need a solicitor and if so how much do they charge? Also I have insurance on my wife’s car, and thought this would cover me, but have been told due to me not being the policy holder, I am not covered.

Paula Says:

I have tried to call you to do a free advice call but had to leave a message.

You have a special reasons argument to try and avoid the points. I succeed with these argument 75% of the time and make lots in similar circumstances to yours.

If this doesn’t work then you can try and persuade the court to give you a discretionary ban rather than the points.

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