Revocation And A Totting Up Ban!


I got my prov. licence on 01.09.x and full licence on 15.07.x I got 3 points on 17.08.x under offence code 2665 due to speed camera on 30 mile limit, now I got two more fixed penalty notice, one on 23.4.x as I admit to the traffic police that I used a phone when driving on a 30 mph road when asked by the cop in a traffic signal and signed the notice as I believed that he is writing me only sixty pound.

Second offence was as I moved my car before the red light finished as I got confused by the another signal which changed red to green, police car was just behind me in the same signal waiting, I been stopped and served a fixed penalty notice on 29.03.x, I applied both cases for court hearing, what will the merit of my cases? Please advise. Many thanks.

Graham Says:

I am slightly confused but you are definitely at risk of having your entitlement to drive revoked. You will then have to do a full retest before you can drive again because you will have accumulated 6 points or more whilst being a probationary driver (triggers revocation).

From the sounds of it you are also at risk of a totting ban for getting 12 points on your licence within a 3 years period. This will mean that you are not only face revocation and a retest but you will get a penalty point ban for at least 6 months before you can drive again.

Have you got your court hearings through yet? Tell me why you need to be able to drive and the effect that getting a ban or having your licence revoked (or both) will have on you and those that rely on you.

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