Fully Comp Isn’t What It Used To Be


No insurance

I am going to court on a charge of driving without insurance. I was in my sisters car and I have fully comp for my own car. My fully comp has always allowed me to drive other cars (I have policies from 2002 that prove this) but this year I have been informed that it is now not the case. Do I have a reasonable defence?

Paula Says:

I’m afraid its not a defence at all and all you will achieve at court is higher fines and court costs.

The court will take the view that you are responsible for understanding the terms of your policy and what is and what is not covered.

Sorry. If you were misled by the insurance company into thinking that you were covered to drive other vehicles then you may stand a chance of avoiding the points and you need to tell me more.

Have you got any points already? If so, how many?

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