Can I Drive An Uninsured Car?


car without insurance

Message: Hi

I have got my own insurance for my own car, but if my insurance covers me for another cars, can I also drive a car, which belongs to the owner who’s insurance expired few days ago??

Thank you for your advise.

Paula Says:

Yes you can drive the other car – but make sure that your insurance does cover you to drive another car owned by someone else with their permission.

Comprehensive insurance isn’t what it used to be under some policies. Be warned that sometimes the police will stop you for driving a car that is not insured in its own right – but you will be covered if you have your own insurance. Make sure that there can be no suggestion that the car belongs to you!

Question Response;

Thank you for your reply, just to clarify;

If my insurance covers this I can use car which is without insurance (it is mean their owner didn’t renew insurance policy and his insurance is out of date), and I and owner of this car shouldn’t have any problems when police check us? Am I right?

Paula’s Answer;

In theory yes to are right. The only problem is that officers sometimes don’t understand this point and stop people. I suggest that you carry a copy of your cover with you. The moment you get out of the car it becomes uninsured and if it is on a public road then the owner could be prosecuted for having use of the car without insurance. Whilst you are driving its fine – once you get out its not.

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