Provider Change Caused Lapse


Driving without Insurance

Earlier this week I was stopped by the police for driving without insurance.

It turns out that I did not have insurance due to a problem with the migration of my insurance from Skoda (underwriten by x) to Skoda (underwriten by x). I have a letter of Indemity from x confirming this lapse.

I currently have a fixed penalty fine and am set to receive 6 points.

What is my best move from here?

Paula Says:

If x are willing to confirm the mistake and that they would have covered you had an accident occurred then we should be able to get this matter withdrawn if you are willing to take it to court.

The CPS are under a duty not to prosecute if there has been no criminality on your part. If the CPS refuse to withdraw the case then you have a very good special reasons argument to try and avoid the points.

It maybe possible to persuade the police not to issue a summons and to withdraw the fixed penalty but we would have to act fast to try and achieve that.

Have you got any points already? Are you a new driver?

Come back to me if you would like my help with this matter.


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