Keeping Car On A Road Or In A Public Place


The law relating to insuring a motor vehicle not driven and kept off the public highway

I have purchased a motor vehicle to park in front of my garage on non-registered, unadopted land (ie off the public highway). The vehicle is there purely to stop people obstructing my garage. It is not to be driven at all, including on the highway.

Insuring the vehicle for 3rd party/fire/theft would cost 3x the value of the car. Therefore do I need to take out insurance in this situation and where would I stand if someone else bumped into my car – would I be liable if I had no insurance on the vehicle even though it would be off road and stationary? Thank you.

Paula Says:

I’m afraid that if the public have access to the road in question (e.g. the postman) and they can walk/drive up and down it then it is classed as a road / public place for the purposes of the road traffic acts.

This means that if you keep the car on the road it has to be insured otherwise you will be at risk of 6-8 points and a hefty fine. Even if you don’t actually drive it around. Having the car on a road is classed as having use of it.

If someone else bumped into you then it would be there fault so its unlikely you would have to defend a claim but you would be liable for the offence of using a vehicle on a road without insurance if the police found out it was not covered. Keep it in your garage and you will be fine.

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