Genuine Medical Emergency


Hello, I was given a fixed penalty charge of £60 and 3 points on my licence yesterday. I am a new driver under probation and already have 3 points carried forward from my L-licence.

On receiving the penalty, I pleaded with the officer that it was a medical emergency (sister having complications delivering baby at hospital) and that I was being given directions to the hospital. Is it worth going to court in this case, or have my licence revoked and re-sit my test from scratch?

Please advise!

Paula Says:

If it was a genuine emergency then you may have a defence or a special reasons argument to avoid the points. If we can get a statement to back up your argument from your sister (or some medical records) this will help considerably.

If you take the ticket your licence will be revoked automatically.

I can help you with this matter and may be able to persuade the CPS not to pursue the matter if you have a good argument. We would have to reject the ticket and take the matter to court to stand any chance.

You have to appreciate that the court fines will be higher than the fixed penalty if the court don’t agree.

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