I Had Sold The Car At The Time


I am an 18 year old young driver with no previous convictions of anything. I am due to appear in court for the second time for the above offences. The first time I pleaded not guilty to all 3 because I did not commit any. I sold the car prior to the accident then bought it back a few weeks later for a low price that I could not resist.

During this time I did not send off the log book or cancel my insurance purely because I did not have time because of educational and work commitments. I am very worried about this case, I can not afford to have a solicitor as I am a full-time student and only work part-time.

I feel the magistrates are pushing me towards pleading guilty even though I did not do it. Am I doing the right thing by pleading not guilty? What will be the possible outcomes if they find me guilty?

Also I was interviewed by the police a few months ago, however I was under the influence of alcohol at the time so I do not remember any answers I gave nor the quality of them. Are they allowed to do this?

Thank you your time, any help would be much appreciated.

Emma Says:

I appreciate that you will be worried. If you get 6 points or more for this you will have your licence revoked. The penalty point range is 5-10 for fail to stop and report therefore there is a significant risk.

I don’t think the court will believe that you sold the car and then bought it back after the accident unless you can get a statement from the person that you sold it to.

They will simply think that you had the accident – panicked – and then came up with a dodgy story to make the court think that you didn’t have the car at the time of the alleged offence. Sorry but that’s the way the police would have thought and exactly the same for the court.

Did you name the driver when the police first approached you? There maybe an issue with identification if you didn’t and the case may be defendable.

I think you are going to be convicted. If you want me to help I would suggest I have a look at the evidence. Then try and get the CPS to withdraw, if not try and get you on the driver improvement course as an alternative to points and fines etc, if not agree a plea bargain and try and get you less than 6 points.

It’s achievable but if you have a trial and lose you are going to get whacked because the court will be irritated.

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